Saguatti produces door knobs for doors and shutters since 1960. 

When a company like Saguatti has been on the Italian market for more than 60 years, this means that customers’ approval has been total. One of the basic reasons is certainly that of an optimum product quality-price ratio: a very advantageous and extensive offer always accompanied by an excellent service.

Hence, maximum customer satisfaction also because Saguatti, through continuous feedback, has always been able to “hear” the market, providing exact answers fully in keeping with all requirements, even when they were very special. This is possible because Saguatti’s industrial activity operates according to a policy of maximum flexibility and drives through state-of-the-art manufacturing systems.

Pomoli ed accessori per porte
door knobs for doors


The production of the company is mainly focused on a very extensive range of door knobs for doors and accessories including: 

  • anodized or painted aluminium knobs (full RAL range and text colours)
  • brass knobs
  • nylon knobs
  • stainless steel knobs
  • nylon and aluminium handles

In addition to these Saguatti has specialised in the production of handrails with an innovative joint system, named “CORRITUTTO”:

  • Corritutto in anodized or painted aluminium, linear and block series
  • Corritutto Economy in painted aluminium, linear and block series
    (both Corritutto series are available in full RAL range and text colours)
door knobs for doors


  • Isola: special clamp for the off-center mounting of knobs on doorposts.
  • Fastening system for all Saguatti fixed knobs series, with the elimination of the through screw and all the aesthetic issues.
  • Innovative system for joining the various parts of Corritutto: in the block serie, a high performance universal joint block is available; in the linear serie that block is already inserted in Corritutto.